Construction of the park

With respect to the current requirements of investors new offices and manufacturing facilities are built in the area, using renewable energy sources, as well as some of the original buildings have been renovated. In order to improve technical infrastructure of the park all inside-areal distribution networks, communications and paved areas have been  modernized, which are complemented by landscaping  and small architecture. Replacing an older infrastructure today allows greater security, reliability and increased capacity requirements for each new premises.

Overall, the park comprises of   8674 m2  top new premises for business purposes, which created a capacity for 300 to 400 jobs in various fields of industrial production. At about 3 ha of the total facility area five new objects have been built from  October 2009 to February 2012.

In the area of ​​TTIP are also situated several original objects used for administrative, manufacturing and storage purposes. Even those buildings are in process of gradual renovation.

Total is in the TTIP available  16 097,66 m2  of useable area.