At present operates in TTIP over 20 business entities. City of Trnava runs operation and maintenance of the associated industrial complex through the Department of Industrial Park and Innovation Processes, which now offers investors the following services (according to client’s requirements and under contractual agreements):

– Rental of administration and production areas,

–  rental of storage and parking areas,

–  complete technical administration (energy supply, water),

– cleaning services (in and outside the buildings)

–  maintenance of the inside green areas and roads

–  ensure run off of rainwater,

–  Security and Information Service (central reception room, two receptions in office buildings),

–  maintenance of the fence of  industrial park,

–  fire protection and safety at work,

– operation and maintenance of street lighting inside the area,

–  operation and maintenance of CCTV,

–  review of other technical equipments and preventive maintenance (lifts, air conditioning, …)

–  administrative and professional services (telecommunications, Internet, mail retrieval)

–  marketing activities (exhibitions, presentations).