Information about production hall

Production and Technology Pavilion (SO 01B) consists of production, administrative, storage and common areas with an area of 2776 m2

Production and Technology Hall has an external height of 8 m, at skylights 8.9 m. Internal lintels are of 5.25 meters. Due to the ventilation there are 40 pieces of bulk diffusers located at 4 m from the floor. There are 2 electric garage gates 4.5 m high and 6 m wide on each side of the hall.

Floor construction consists of reinforced concrete with polished dry shake (180 mm), equipped with the entire area waterproofing and concrete base average thickness of 250 mm. Maximum dimensioning load floor is as follows:

  • Area load: 100 kN / m2
  • Fork-lift truck: weight up to 5 t
  • Rack: 50kN to handstand, base 100 x 100 mm, back to back with a gap 200 mm
  • Truck: total weight up to 40 tons

Ventilation in the lobby is provided by air handling units with an output of 38,000 m3/ hr. located in the machinery space ventilation and the CH. The total amount of filtered air (heated in winter, cooler in summer) and fed to the exhaust area of the hall space is 2 × 38 000 m3/ h-1. Incoming fresh air and exhaust air pollution is designed for 100 employees, with a minimum dose of fresh air is 50 m3/ hr. Source for cold water cooler provides condensing unit with an output of 250 kW placed on the roof of the engine room.